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The Dungeon

The Loyal House Dungeon, located in St. Paul, MN, is a 750 sq ft dream. Equipped with a St. Andrew’s Cross, human sized cage, sacrifice altar, inversion table, suspension bar, and so much more. This Dungeon space is designed to accommodate all types of play from sensual to sinister. 


The Loyal House is in partnership with Exploration Media as a way to provide truly powerful images for your personal use. Work with true professionals in a REAL dungeon for your next boudoir photoshoot!

Image Gallery

These images were captured by Exploration Media. 

The Loyal House Dungeon is available for public use if booking with a photoshoot with Exploration Media.

From Mistress Mary:

I remember my first purchase for The Loyal House Dungeon. At the time, I was using the tiny dining room in my apartment which quickly became overcrowded. I couldn’t help myself as my interests continued to expand into new creative, but complex, styles of play. It truly became a problem, eventually causing a brief hiatus. 

However, moving into this new space has given me the freedom to explore even more and to create dreamy and life changing experiences for my little lambs. Being able to move from a bondage or impact scene, then to immediately turn you into a messy cake covered humiliating pile on the floor, genuinely has changed the way I Dominate.

Come to The Loyal House Dungeon for an experience you will never forget. Dream big. Now, dream bigger.

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