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What is protocol?

Protocol is another word for rule. Rule is another word for etiquette. Etiquette is taught to a Queen's subjects to showcase the stark differences between the two dynamics. Following Mistress Mary's protocols shows her that you are dedicated, attentive, and respectful. 

Below you will find the first 5 protocols. They are: how to address the Mistress when speaking, manners, cleanliness & inspection, safe words & honesty, and failures. You MUST follow the protocols to be considered for recurring sessions. 


What You Must Do


All submissives are to address me using proper titles at all times.


You may call me

Mistress Mary.


When you speak to any Mistress, Mary or others, you must use your manners and be polite at all times. 

Thank you, Mistress. Please, Mistress. Yes or no, Mistress.

You will also open all doors for her. 


You will not stand above her or make her strain her neck.


In addition to negotiations before the start of any session, all submissives must undergo an inspection. 


You should be well groomed and dressed according to the scene. The inspection also ensures sanitary play and reduces health risks. 


Prepare to have your body looked over and compared to her high standards.


Mistress Mary uses the stoplight system for safe words. If you have another safe word, that will be accepted in addition to the below.


Green | Continue session with no hesitation

Yellow | Proceed with caution, nearing hard limits

Red | Automatic stop, no questions asked

Honesty and open communication are required throughout all meetings and sessions.


Everyone reserves the right to continuous learning. People naturally make mistakes. 

However, failure to grow from mistakes, repeated excuses and ignorance will not be tolerated.

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